Monday, November 30, 2009

A New Christmas Tradition - The Enchanted Village at Jordan's Furniture

My family and I spent Black Friday in a furniture store- which sounds silly doesn’t it? Let me explain. Jordan’s Furniture in Avon, MA, is now the proud host of the Enchanted Village, “a true New England tradition.” While most people were out shopping, we hiked to Avon, to see the Enchanted Village, the Laser Lite Show and the 4-D MOM (Motion Odyssey Movie Ride) The Polar Express all showing at .....ummm.....a furniture store.


The Enchanted Village of St. Nicholas is the original holiday exhibit created in 1958 that was once displayed at Jordan Marsh. The Jordan Marsh Company commissioned a Bavarian toy maker to create 28 fully decorated holiday scenes with 250 “magically” animated figures.

Jordan Marsh displayed the Enchanted Village in its Downtown Crossing store throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. The display became an integral part of New England’s seasonal celebrations. In 1972, Jordan Marsh closed the display, ending the traditional trip to the village.

The village was reopened at Jordan Marsh in 1990 for eight years, until 1998 when the village was sold to the City of Boston for a City Hall Plaza display. Eventually it was the lack of funding that forced the auction of the Enchanted Village in 2009.

The Enchanted Village at Jordan’s Furniture

Jordan’s Furniture purchased the surviving pieces of the village and restored the collection. The village is now on permanent display at Jordan's in Avon, MA and is open (free-of-charge) for all to see during the holiday season.

The “old” Enchanted Village still has that magical Christmas charm. The scenes came to life with moving adults, children and even toys. A bakery, a general store, and a cozy view of a mom reading to her kids by the fire, were just a few of the many displays. My kids enjoyed the bursts of “snow” that would come down (every five minutes or so). We all felt the Christmas spirit as we enjoyed our walk through the Enchanted Village.

Lite Show

The Laser Imagination Theater Experience or Lite show was worth the forty-five minute wait. With the help of experts in laser technology, Jordan’s Furniture developed a “one-of-a-kind arrangement of high-powered, solid state lasers and Hollywood-style special effects,” set to a musical tribute of Christmas songs.

The colorful lasers, shot from each side of the theater and projected onto the ceiling and wall, were in perfect sync with each song’s tempo. The result was a pretty amazing show.

Eliot Tatelman

If you are from New England, you have probably seen the TV ads for Jordan’s Furniture. Eliot Tatelman is the “famous” white-haired, pony-tailed owner seen in the commercials. He was all over the place that day! We saw him at the Enchanted Village, and there he was, greeting us as we walked into the Lite Show Theater. Even though no one else seemed to be awe struck at the sight of Eliot like we were, I still thought it was great to see him- like a thank you for choosing to spend our time at Jordan’s Furniture on Black Friday.

MOM - The Polar Express
THE MOTION ODYSSEY MOVIE (MOM) RIDE is the four dimensional movie that “engages all of the senses.” Each MOM rider gets a pair of 3-D glasses and is seated in a theater seat that actually moves. The movie is actually a condensed 20 minute version of some of the most exciting scenes.
There is one scene where a herd of caribou are blocking the train tracks. The lead caribou snorts in protest and we felt a mist in the air, as if being sprayed with caribou snot. My kids roared with laughter, they really got a kick out of that.
At one point the train is out of control, shooting down the steep track at high speed…I admit I screeched like a little girl! I wanted more, but the movie ended (much too soon) with the little boy hearing the ring of his sleigh bell (yeah!) and Santa taking off at midnight.

Before the mad Christmas rush that seems to happen earlier and earlier each year, it was nice to leave the shopping lists behind and to get a dose of the Christmas spirit at Jordan's Furniture. My kids are at that tender age where they still believe, which makes Christmas so much fun not only for them but for us too!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Deals at Amazon

Amazon truly has everything and as A Prime Member of Amazon, you can enjoy unlimited, free two day shipping and no minimum order size! Don't miss Amazon's black Friday deals today. Skip the crowds and start shopping (and saving) by clicking the link below! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't forget to Thaw Your Turkey!

NYR Organic Skin Care - Geranium and Orange Hand Wash Review and Giveaway

Jenn, NYR Organic Founding Leader and Consultant, invited me to her home to sample the NYR Organic skincare products. She has generously offered one of my readers a NYR Organic Geranium and Orange Handwash! Thank you Jenn!

From NYR Organic: NYR (Neal’s Yard Remedies) Organic is one of the top organic skincare companies in the UK, Japan, and Duabi, with direct selling channels in the UK and US. NYR Organic is a multi Award-Winner for organic beauty products. NYR Organics designs, manufactures and tests their own natural, organic skincare products at their eco-headquarters and physic gardens in Dorset, UK.

NYR Organic grows the majority of their own herbs and ingredients in their gardens. The NYR Organics green, eco-factory uses solar panels, clay flooring, high-level windows (for cooling) and even rainwater in the restrooms. The company composts their own kitchen waste, which is mostly organic, of course. All of the NYR Organic bottles and jars are 100% recyclable.

The NYR Organic skin care products are designed to work in harmony with the skin, protecting, maintaining and helping to keep it healthy. The skin oils of NYR Organics skincare, are a blend of nourishing pressed plant oils and fragrant essential oils. The skincare collections are preservative free and mimic the skin’s own system of moisturization, which helps to rebalance dry and dehydrated areas, whatever your skin type.

Note – In addition to the Geranium and Orange Hand Wash, I sampled these NYR Organic skin care products:
· Hands - Frankincense Toning Body Cream
· Face - White Tea Mist & Chamomile Cleanser, Rose Water Toner, Rose Mallow Moisturizer, Palmarosa (daily moisturizer), Frankincense hydrating cream (anti-aging moisturizer).
· Supplements- Orange Flower Oil (for dry skin), White Tea Eye Gel, and Wild Rose Balm (used for eczema , dry lips, cuticles, deep cleanse, and mask.)

The Review: I sampled the Geranium and Orange Hand Wash specifically for this review. At 93% certified organic, the hand wash contains organic orange peel oil and organic geranium oil that is blended in a coconut oil base. The other 7% organic ingredients are those grown in the wild or ingredients that cannot be certified such as water, clays, or minerals.

The hand wash appears an orange gel that has a citrus fragrance. While the hand wash did not lather significantly (I did have a small sample) the orange and geranium combination had a very pleasant, light and natural scent. My hands felt fresh and clean and were noticeably softer after using the gel. I attribute this to the different oils.

Note: For those with nut allergies, this product does contain coconut.

I compared the ingredients on my current foaming hand soap with the NYR Organics Hand Wash. My foaming hand wash has over 10 chemicals and no organic ingredients. Over half of the ingredients in the Geranium and Orange Hand Wash are listed as certified organic, with the rest of the ingredients being wild organic. The label also notes the hand wash contains – no mineral oils, no synthetic fragrances or colors, no parabins, no silicones, and the list goes on.

I understand that whole, organic foods in their natural state are the best options for our diets, so wouldn’t that translate over into our skin care products? It only makes sense that natural, organic skincare products, like this Geranium and Orange Hand Wash, are the better options for our skin care.

Buy It: Visit Jenn’s Consultant Page at NYR Organic to purchase your bottle of Geranium and Orange Hand Wash for $16.00.

The Giveaway: Jenn at NYR Organic has offered 1 of my readers the Geranium and Orange Hand Wash –shown on the left. To enter is easy –

1. Visit Jenn’s NYR Organics online store and check out the skin care products and collections. Comment here on which skin care product or products that you would love to try. Please include your email (1 entry).
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Divorce Sucks by Mary Jo Eustace Book Review

About the author: Born and raised in Toronto, Mary Jo Eustace is an author, actress, singer, chef, and mother to Jack and Lola. Mary Jo was married to Dean McDermott for thirteen years before Dean met Tori Spelling on the set of the Lifetime made-for-tv-movie Mind Over Murder. Dean admitted to having an affair and promptly informed Mary Jo that he was indeed leaving her for Tori Spelling.

After her highly publicized divorce, Mary Jo returned to her native Canada with her son and newly adopted daughter to film her cooking show, He Said She Said with Ken and Mary Jo. Mary is the author of the bestselling cookbook By my Side, and the bestselling anthology The Other Woman. Mary Jo has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and the Today Show.

About the Book: The complete title of the book is Divorce Sucks -what to do when irreconcilable differences, lawyers fees, and your ex’s Hollywood Wife make you miserable. In Divorce Sucks, Mary Jo gives the reader a complete perspective of her highly publicized divorce, providing not only a tell-all but a divorce survival guide.

The Review: I am not divorced, nor am I even slightly considering it. It was comical when my husband saw my copy of the book. “What is that you’re reading?” he said.

I have a friend who is separated and about to enter the divorce phase, and my hope in reading this book was to gain a better perspective of divorce and recommend it to her as a valuable read.

The author tells her story with complete and at times painful honesty, but she offers the reader much more than just her story. She presents information and thoughtful advice regarding child support, alimony, lawyers and their hefty fees, to name a few.

Despite the fact that her now ex-husband dropped the bomb on her that he was leaving her for Tori Spelling, the author amazingly maintains rational and is wise in her recommendations to try and “dialogue with your husband. You don’t want to go through a horrible divorce and be destitute on the other end.” Don’t spend all of your savings going to court, she warns.

She describes having to step up and be the parent to restore “dignity and discretion” back into her family unit. She advises forming a civil relationship with your ex. - It helps when shuffling and reshuffling schedules. In the throws of divorce, this common sense advice can be difficult to follow, but it is for the benefit of the children, who need a rational parent now more than ever.

The author tells her story with honest humor, making light of her meeting with Tori Spelling, she says, “You’ve now become a member of a worldwide club, a franchise if you will, called 'Dumped While Married.' Congratulations!” Also showing her class, the author indicates that, “In good conscience, I really couldn’t say anything bad about my ex. This was a no win situation and I had way more important issues at my door…..”

The author explores life after divorce in chapters like Back on the Market and Rules of Engagement. I laughed when I read her Top Ten Problems with Dating a Younger Man. I especially liked –“7. After you make love he asks for a juice box. and 8. His final exams coincide with your first day of menopause.”

Regarding a future marriage, she informs that people are always telling you exactly who they are, and that the key is to read the signs. “If you are dedicated and hopeful and you’ve found a man who is really worthy of your love, then things are, or will be exactly as they should. "

Most importantly, she urges the reader to reincorporate the things that mattered and made (us) happy before the divorce, whether it’s write, dance, draw, jump from planes, whatever it is. “Take care of yourself and be authentic to yourself.”

I have one criticism! This book has a handful of typos. I have edited manuscripts in the past and seeing these kinds of typos in a published book is amaeturish. (Shame on editor Joanne Kimes.) However, the author tells her story with humor, honesty and class and based on that, I would recommend this book to my friend with confidence.

Divorce Sucks hard cover book sells for $19.95. It is currently available on for $13.57. Thank you to FSB Associates for the opportunity to read this book.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Vases are Going Green! Say It With Vases Review and Giveaway

I stumbled upon Say It With Vases while I was online searching for some unique gift ideas. Not only are these one-of-a-kind vases green (made from recycled plastic) they are portable, expandable and reusable.

Jill, owner of Say it with Vases, and blogger at Virtual Mom, sent me one vase to review and one vase to giveaway. Thank you Jill!

From Say It With Vases: The vases have been sold to hospital gift shops, garden clubs, home décor stores, flower shops and other outlets. They make great gifts for teachers (unbreakable and store flat) and for bringing along anytime you give flowers.

These plastic vases are an alternative to using a company to send flowers long distance. When considering shipping and handling fees, using that type of service gets expensive. Say It With Vases offers American Express gift cards for purchase with their vases, for your recipient to buy her favorite fresh flowers locally. This avoids any shipping and handling cost and allows the recipient to buy flowers close by at their time of choice.

The Review: The vase is 11” tall, 6” wide with a reinforced sturdy base. The design of the base is very similar to the base of a juice pouch (like Capri Sun). The mouth of the vase is 3” wide.

Like the package instructed, I simply filled the vase with water and added my small bouquet. My bunch of flowers fit nicely and despite being made of plastic, the vase is very sturdy.

Note - A large arrangement (over a 3” diameter bunch of stems) will not fit due to the size of the mouth. Splitting up a large arrangement into two of these affordable vases would solve that dilemma.

I appreciate that this is a reusable, green product and only hope it was made from recycled plastic water bottles (as these pile up as mountains of waste!) I like the fact that it stores flat, saving space. Collecting an oddball assortment of glass vases will be a thing of the past. The retro designs and colors are eye-catching. What a fun, unique and affordable gift – perhaps for my son’s teachers this holiday season!

Buy It: Say It With Vases recycled plastic vases are sold for $8.00. Shipping is free.

The Giveaway: Say It With Vases has offered 1 of my readers the Say It With Vases – Vase shown on the left. To enter is easy –

Visit Say It With Vases online store and check out the vase patterns. Comment here on which one you like best, please include your email (1 entry)
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top Picks for Small Kitchen Appliances – Electric Grill and Slow Cooker

For quick weeknight meals, other than my microwave, the small kitchen appliances that I use most often are my indoor electric grill and my slow cooker. I love the functionality of each, but I am ready for some new and improved replacements.

My current model GRP-99 Foreman Grill™ has removable plates that are great for a quick clean-up. However, I fight with the release tabs to get the top plate to lock in securely. I have nearly burned myself, because the top plate has fallen out on occasion upon opening the grill. I looked into other electric grills to see what is available. Company and consumer research and reviews indicate that Cuisinart secures the top pick for small kitchen appliances in the category of electric grills.

To continue to the full article - click here!
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For Women Who Love to Read....

One morning the husband returns after several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap. Although not familiar with the lake, the wife decides to take the boat out. She motors out a short distance, anchors, and reads her book.

Along comes a Game Warden in his boat. He pulls up alongside the woman and says, "Good morning, Ma'am. What are you doing?"

"Reading a book," she replies, (thinking, "Isn't that obvious?")

"You're in a Restricted Fishing Area," he informs her.

"I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading."

"Yes, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up."

"For reading a book," she replies.

"You're in a Restricted Fishing Area," he informs her again.

"I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing, I'm reading."

"Yes, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up."

"If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault," says the woman.

"But I haven't even touched you," says the game warden.

"That's true, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment."

"Have a nice day ma'am," and he left.

MORAL: Never argue with a woman who reads. It's likely she can also think.

I received this joke in an e-mail. I thought it was worth posting for Wednesday's laugh!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lucky Brand Handbag Giveaway

I read an article on about hosting giveaways and it suggested that giving away something that you own, that is, giving away something that I own, is a perfectly legit way of doing a giveaway! I thought, I have the perfect gift to give away!

I received this LUCKY handbag from my sister and since it is in near perfect condition (and really not me) I thought I would give it away as a thank you gift from me to one of my "lucky" readers. The Lucky Handbag, shown above, is the exact one that I will ship to one lucky winner!!

About the Bag:

This black leather & cotton crotchet patchwork bag retails for $228.

This very versatile bag is by Lucky Brand. It is made of great, soft, black, Italian leather with 100% Cotton crotchet patchwork design in brown, black, blue, red, orange, purple, green & pink.

Color: Primary Black - multi colored patchwork
Material: 100% Lamb Leather & 100% Cotton

Overall Dimensions:
Height: 11 inches
Width: 15 inches
Depth: 4 1/2 inches
Dual Strap Drop: 11 inches

Closure: Leather strip with brass snap
Pockets: One open pocket in front goes behind crochet. Back side looks identical w/out the pocket
Other: The sides and bottom of the bag are leather.

Number/Type of Pockets: Back wall zipper pocket trimmed with leather and a leather pull. Interior of pocket lined with brown cloverleaf signature pattern. Leather rectangle logo in front of the pocket. Front wall features large open pocket w/smaller open pocket (phone) inside.
Lining: Solid Black 65% polyester 35% cotton

NOTE - Upon close examination, there is a mere light fade on some black crotchet edges at the base of the bag, otherwise this handbag is in excellent condition!


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Please make sure that you leave me a separate comment for each entry and include your email!

This giveaway will end on Tuesday 12/1/09 at 12:00 PM EST.

This giveaway is open to US and Canada only.

I will be using to pick the winner and will post the name by noon Wednesday 12/02/09. The winner will have 48 hours to email me, otherwise a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!! Good luck!! Good Luck!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Advertise on Moms Own Words

Moms Own Words offers advertising/sponsorship for companies and products not connected to a product review. After I review your site, I will add your 125 x 125 ad to my "Featured Sites" area on the right sidebar.

Current Pricing: 30 days for $25; 60 days for $50; 90 days for $75.

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One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to Mary Anne Gruen at the Starlight Blog and Natalie at the Sound of Rain for giving me the "One Lovely Blog Award"

Mary Anne is a fiction writer with a a very lovely blog of her own, where you will find her excellent short stories! Please check out her latest story "One Shop Stopping." What a great read!

Natalie is a student in Canada who is a terrific blogger and writer. Check out her delicious post on awesome cakes. I loved all the great pictures. I am inspired by Natalie and only wish I had had the smarts to start a blog when I was that young...and yes the Internet was around way back then!

The rules for the One Lovely Blog Award are:

1.Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.

2. Contact the bloggers to let them know they've been chosen. (Comment on one of their latest posts.)

Here are my selections in no particular order:

1. Melanie at Thrifty and Creative

2. Stacey at Busy Mommy Product Review

3. Andrea at Savvy Sassy Moms (check out her blog! Andrea was on Oprah!)

4. Kimberly at She Scribes

5. Tina at Mommy's Kitchen

6. Kari at A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

7. Piece of Me Making My American Dream

8. Megan at Just for Me and You

9. Mellisa at Outnumbered 3 to 1

10. Shauna at Trying to Stay Calm

11. Kristen at All in a Mom's Life

12. Rita at One 2 Try

13. Cher at Mama's Money Savers

14. Shana at My Three Wisemans

15. Kimberly at Mom Tested Budget Approved Mission Mommy

P.S. I hope you will check them out!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sesame Oil for Weight Loss

Sesame oil is an oil that is pressed from the sesame seed that is primarily used for dietary consumption. Studies indicate that sesame oil may have several health benefits like lowering blood pressure and lowering blood sugar. The antioxidants in the sesame oil are found to benefit the skin. When applied topically, sesame oil calms burns and controls dry scalp. Sesame oil is used in India as a healing oil and it is also used in manufacturing some cosmetics. Although the health effects of sesame oil are a relatively new field of research, recent studies indicate that sesame oil may be useful for weight loss.

To continue to the full article - click here!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Michael Jackson Tapes by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Book Review

About the Author -Rabbi Shmuley is one of the world’s leading relationship experts and spiritual authorities. He has authored 21 best selling books in seventeen languages. You may have seen him on Shalom in the Home on TCL.

About the Book - The Michael Jackson Tapes consists of the transcripts that were taken from 30 hours of conversations between Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and Michael Jackson.

Uri Geller (psychic) orchestrated their meeting. He felt Shmuley could give Michael some guidance in his life after the 1993 sexual abuse allegations, which tarnished Michael’s reputation.

Michael reveals to Shmuley that, “All I have ever wanted in life was to do something for the world’s children. Fame, money, they mean nothing to me. I want to devote my life to helping kids.”

These tapes are (in part) the result of the “moral make-over” that Shmuley suggested that Michael undergo to gain back the respectability that he had lost and to fulfill his dream of devoting his life to helping children. The tapes were made in Aug. 2000 through Aril 2001 with the original purpose of being published in a book for the public. The taped conversations reveal intimate details into Michael Jackson’s mind and soul.

The Review - I am fascinated with the Michael Jackson story, and The Michael Jackson Tapes does not disappoint. Like Shmuley, I concluded (in my brief article) that for many reasons, Michael Jackson’s death was a tragedy. In this book, Shmuley easily makes the connection that the death of Michael Jackson is an American Tragedy.

Michael told Shmuley that it was no big deal that many of his fans had banners declaring that Michael was God. I was intrigued when I read quotes like this one:

MJ: “I’m representing the higher being. I’m not saying I’m God, but I’m saying heal the planet, heal the world, save our children, save the forest. There is nothing wrong with that. Right?”

Shmuley strongly concluded that, “Arrogance is at the heart of all human corruption, and it doesn’t get much more arrogant than this.”

Michael would never do live auditions with children, because he couldn’t handle being the Michael Jackson that turned any kids down.

MJ: “I cannot face the pain of them not being accepted. I always have to do it that way.”

Shmuley observes that Michael’s handlers/employees were keen to how Michael didn’t like to confront or criticize people, so these associates and “friends” would only kiss up to Michael and never give him honest advice or criticism. Shmuley notes, “ If you criticized him, even as a friend who really cared, you’d never hear from him again.”

The tapes reveal the well-known struggles in Michael’s childhood like his troubled relationship and fear of his father. Oddly, the relationship with his mother was the complete opposite. He adored his mother Katherine and named attractions after her at his Neverland Ranch. The relationship with his mother was the only true loving relationship that Michael had. As a mother of two boys, I could relate to her easily and was intrigued with even her story.

Shmuley asks Michael about his views on women, his romantic relationships and his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley. The story ends where it began, with Shmuley asking Michael about children and why Michael had remained so childlike.

The original purpose of this book was to help Michael to gain back the respectability that he had lost and to fulfill his dream of devoting his life to helping children. Shmuley saw the obvious evolution and “new” purpose for this book. It is not merely to divulge details of Michael Jackson’s private life through his thoughts about himself, his life, and his career. Shmuley is asking the reader to “take a senseless tragedy and give it meaning… is not about fame and fortune but rather about God, family, community, and good deeds.”

According to Shmuley, Michael was simply like the rest of us and represents a microcosm of America. While Michael was characterized as “an oddball and a freak” Shmuley reveals how Michael Jackson was a thoughtful, deeply scarred and profound soul, “who was so broken that he could find no healing.” The book delivers a mesmerizing look into Michael Jackson’s mind through these conversations and a welcome dose of morality.

The Michael Jackson Tapes hard cover book sells for $29.95. It is currently available on for $17.13.

Thank you to FSB Associates for the opportunity to read this amazing book.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Gamegoo Free Phonics Reading Games for Kids

I recently posted an article about tips for reading activities that you can do and reading resources that are available to you to improve your child's reading. I found another great website with educational phonics games.
Earobics is a K-3 multi sensory reading intervention product produced by Houghton Mifflin. Gamegoo is Earobic's free online educational game. For the list of educational standards addressed in each game (such as identifying letters in words) follow the home button to the teachers and parents link.

Games are categorized by beginner, intermediate and advanced. Here is a sample of some of the games on Gamegoo.

Squanky the toothtaker - find the words with opposite meanings. (Advanced)

Fearless Freida - spell the words that Freida yells out. (Advanced) My five year old really liked this game.

Wizards and Pigs - learn about different forms of poetry-rhyming, alliteration, and rhythm. (Advanced)

Alien Scavenger Hunt - catch the letters to create the word that you hear. (Intermediate)

Tina's World Real or Make-Believe? -decide whether the story is real or make believe. (Beginner)

There are thirteen games and you can request to be notified when new games are added. These games intersect education and recreation in a fun way that reinforces phonics concepts!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alternatives to Tweeting on Twitter

I wonder if Twitter will actually ever add some alternatives to tweeting. I was thinking about it and tweets could easily be subdivided into some new categories:

"Barking" - Ordering your followers to do things like, "Donate to my blog!"

"Squawking" - Complaining to your followers like, "I'd rather be on my yacht."

"Crowing" - Bragging to your followers, like "Oooooo another new client call at 3:00, love those!"

"Oinking" - Notifying your followers that you are eating..............again.

And my personal favorite, "Braying"- Any comment that makes your followers think, "What a jackass!"
I promise my followers that I shall not bark, squawk, crow, oink or bray....well since I am going to tweet this may just put that in the category of "braying" and think "What a jackass!"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Giveaway Rules and Disclaimer at Moms Own Words

Giveaway Rules at Moms Own Words :

1. Please do the first, mandatory entry before any bonus entries.
2. Do some or all of the bonus entries; it is your choice.
3. When you subscribe to Moms Own Words, please remember to confirm your subscription.
4. Some (not all) giveaways at Moms Own Words are re-tweet daily, please make sure to check the specific entries for that giveaway.
5. Please note! Separate comments must be left for each entry.
6. Please Make sure your emails are visible in the comments. If I cannot contact you, you cannot win! (I don’t want to have to choose another winner!)
7. Giveaways are open to the U.S. and Canada only.


I choose Winners using I will notify you by email if you win and also post the winner information on Moms Own Words in a winner’s post. The lucky winners will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email. If winners fail to respond in that time a new winner will be chosen.


The companies that I work with usually ship giveaway prizes, however, I will still provide as much information as I can regarding shipment. Please contact me if you have not received your giveaway after 21 days. I will try my best to resolve any problems. Moms Own Words is not responsible for prizes that are lost or damaged once they are shipped. I cannot be responsible for situations that beyond my control.


Moms Own Words is not responsible for ANY PROBLEMS related to Any product reviewed or given away. Entrants assume all liability for their participation, receipt of and use of prizes. Any tax liability is the sole responsibility of the prizewinner. Moms Own Words receives product samples for an accurate review of the products. This does not influence the outcome of the review and giveaway.

In accordance with the FTC Act, I do receive products to review from the companies I work with. This does not influence my opinion of the products. The opinions expressed are my own. Other than being a wise consumer, I do not claim to be an expert.

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