Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top Picks for Small Kitchen Appliances – Electric Grill and Slow Cooker

For quick weeknight meals, other than my microwave, the small kitchen appliances that I use most often are my indoor electric grill and my slow cooker. I love the functionality of each, but I am ready for some new and improved replacements.

My current model GRP-99 Foreman Grill™ has removable plates that are great for a quick clean-up. However, I fight with the release tabs to get the top plate to lock in securely. I have nearly burned myself, because the top plate has fallen out on occasion upon opening the grill. I looked into other electric grills to see what is available. Company and consumer research and reviews indicate that Cuisinart secures the top pick for small kitchen appliances in the category of electric grills.

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