Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Story of Michael Jackson's Tragic Death

Did you see Dateline last night? If not, guess what the topic was? The death of Michael Jackson. No surprise there. The incessant coverage of the death of a celebrity is (ironically) the life blood of the media. But I can't help but watch the coverage, like everyone else. Sadly, this is a story that contains tragedy upon tragedy.

When I heard the news, a week or two ago, that his private doctor, Conrad Murray, in addition to other doctors, are now suspects in the King of Pop’s death, I admit I was (of course) even more intrigued! Could someone have actually murdered him?

Dateline painted quite a different picture of Michael Jackson. The fact is, Jackson was given anesthesia for numerous medical procedures over the years and had a long history of prescription drug use. He gave himself up to his strong habit of narcotic drug use, which is the definition of an addict. This has led me to conclude that the only one responsible for the death of Michael Jackson, was the man in the mirror, himself.

According to Dateline, Dr. Murry administered what is most likely the anesthetic drug Propofol, brand name Diprivan, as a sleep aide for Jackson, which in turn caused his cardiac arrest and death. As it turns out, Dr. Murray couldn't legally prescribe even a strong cough medicine for Jackson in California, and he couldn't go to the pharmacy to get drugs for him, either. As a result, criminal cases could be pursued against Dr. Murray, if violations of federal drug laws are found to have caused his death.

Dr. Murray gave up his practice for “the chance of a lifetime” to become Michael Jackson’s personal physician, earning $150,000 per month. Now Dr. Murray stands to lose his home to foreclosure. Only in America can you be earning $150,000 per month one week caring for the most famous pop idol in the world, and the next, you are a tight lipped, suspect for murder, without a career. He is certainly guilty of avarice and comes across as nothing more than a drug dealer. He will be remembered as the last of a long line of staff who couldn’t say no to Michael Jackson. Another disastrous end.

Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse whose specialty includes nutritional counseling, said that she repeatedly rejected Michael’s demands for the drug, Diprivan. He complained to her about his insomnia and begged her for the Diprivan. It was almost comical when she described his sleeping environment: bright light, loud music, TV blaring Donald Duck cartoons(naturally). Oh, and he enjoyed large quantities of caffeinated diet sodas. A rational person would at least make an attempt to change some of these foolish behaviors in an effort to get some sleep, but not Michael Jackson. To say his behavior was irrational is an understatement. This wasn’t a guy who needed a little sleep, this was an addict who needed his Diprivan. Diprivan is a very addictive drug, that not only immediately knocks one out, it gives one a feel-good-euphoric effect. Cherilyn Lee is the lone hero in this story. She appears to be the only one who did the right thing by saying no to Michael Jackson.

Matt Fiddes, an English karate instructor who worked as a senior bodyguard during Jackson’s travels in Britain for a decade, said the pop idol abused prescription medications, and took so much that it could be difficult to wake him for engagements. Another bodyguard appearing last night on Dateline described carrying Michael Jackson back to his hotel room from meetings, on many occasions, because he was so doped up.

I don’t need to see, hear or read anymore stories to understand that he was a severe addict and a slave to the prescription drugs. He asked for the drugs and if his doctor didn't get them, he simply got a new Dr. that would get them. It is not "normal" to obtain drugs by using the names of your staff to get your prescriptions.

Surely he was aware that he was playing Russian Roulette with his life. He even admitted to his stage wife, Lisa Presley, many years ago, that he would die of an overdose like her father Elvis did. It seems he predetermined his own fate, tragically. May his troubled soul rest in peace, at last.

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