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Jesus Career Counselor Book Review and Giveaway

About the Author- Laurie Beth Jones is an internationally recognized best-selling author, speaker, inspirational life coach, and trainer-offering small group, online, and one-on-one training. Previous titles have spent more than thirteen months on the Businessweek bestseller list and have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Time Magazine, CNN Financial, and more.

A business-development coach and consultant to CEO’s and organizations, Laurie Beth has conducted training or provided leadership products for major companies including Tyson Foods, Purina-Nestle, Neiman Marcus, Pfizer, Citi Financial, and American Express.

About the Book – Jesus Career Counselor – How to Find (and Keep) Your Perfect Work. Copyright May 2010. Published by Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. ISBN – 978-1-43914906-5.

Written to help readers get, find and keep the work they love, Jesus Career Counselor weaves together practical self-help concepts, stories, statistics and Bible scriptures. The book is divided into four sections and is centered on the four natural giftings or personalities of peoples, this book explores twelve dreams that God has for each individual. It then instructs readers in how to realize each one of these dreams, no matter their natural inclination.

Readers will learn how to discover their four greatest talents and create their personal Talent Shield, which will help them choose a meaningful career based on their Life’s Mission Statement.

Each chapter serves as a free-standing career guidpost, and includes career exercises, pertinent word definitions, career choices, self quizzes, and reader study guides.

The Review - Jesus Career Counselor is a book that is based on what Jesus (the Holy Spirit) might dream for us when considering our life’s work. It is not about a job description, but rather “a way of living and being fruitful in the world.” According to the author, our life’s work is not our job description, but what is being poured into the world from our soul while we are working.

The author reveals the twelve words that flowed from her pen as she contemplated this idea. The words are: to rise, to risk, to roar, reflect, renew, restore, remain, return, regenerate, revive, release, rejoice. These are “The Twelve Dreams of the Holy Spirit.” Through the author’s research and exploration, she discovered that these dreams “flowed through the pages of scripture” and thus became the framework for this book about careers.

The author uses Fire, Water, Earth and Wind to define the four different personality types and she says that each of us must have some portion of the four elements in order to live a balanced, productive, dream-fulfilling life:

Simply put, fire translates to leadership skills, water becomes relationship skills, earth translates into good habits and character traits and wind becomes the creativity and innovation that are in high demand in every industry in the world. Each element is defined with three of the twelve dreams of the Holy Spirit, and a chapter is devoted to each dream.

Throughout the book, the author cites pertinent bible verses that reinforce that Jesus is the ultimate career counselor. For example, “When Jesus came up out of the muddy water of the Jordan, the clouds broke open and he heard, ‘You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.’(Luke 3:22). To me, this is the be-all and end-all of any good career counseling. As God loved and claimed his beloved Son, he loves and claims each of us as his special creation. We have been given a divine connection with our Creator, and in that connection we can find ultimate fulfillment.

As a strong “water” personality type, I certainly related to this three chapter section, especially chapter four: Reflect, which describes the Holy Spirit’s Dream that we take the time to reflect. In this crazy world where everyone and everything moves at lightning speed, how can we tap into our inner guidance if we don’t slow down to reflect? The author provides exercises to help us hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to us. The author also provides ways that we can seek God’s wisdom, for example, by reading scripture, biographies of others who have overcome difficult circumstances, studying history, attending worship and inspirational services and more.

In chapter one, the author asks that the reader begin the process of finding their perfect work by focusing on four main guideposts that -
1. Explore your mission
2. Assess you personality type
3. Identify your vision
4. Discover your four greatest talents

By the end of the book, after spending time on the career exercises and following the author’s suggestions, I know that for me, writing is the work that I do naturally and it is a career that is fulfilling and honors God. I was not surprised to see it in the list of water occupations at the end of chapter four.

This book is not written just for religious followers of Jesus Christ, it is written for all who understand that our spiritual life intersects with our earthly life in so many important ways. For those who seek an inspirational book that will coach, counsel and guide you toward the career you really want, be sure to check out Jesus Career Counselor.

Also, be sure to check out my earlier post of Laurie Beth Jones article The Top Five Rules for Finding Perfect Work. Here is a slideshow presentation of the same article.

Buy It: Jesus Career Counselor is available on Amazon for $13.59.

Win It - Julie from FSB Associates is offering one copy of Jesus Career Counselor to my readers.

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Busy Working Mama said...

I am not looking for a job but my brother in law is and I think he's enjoy this book.

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Manditory entry: I am stuck in a job withouth plans for a career. Things at work are getting worse by the day and I need to navigate my way into a career I enjoy.

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sharonjo said...

I'm not currently looking for a job. I took a "leave" about 5 years ago and never went back to my old position. Guess I'm happy to be home right now, but that could certainly change. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway!

Amanda said...

I am thinking about going back to school, but am having a hard time deciding what to do. There are so many choices that it worries me that I will make the wrong decision - this book sounds very helpful!!
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I may need to look for a job with the economy like it is and kids heading to college.

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Cheryl said...

I am not working or looking for work due to my health, but my sister is just coming out of college and I know she would appreciate this book very much. Thanks

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Gretta said...

I think I am just searching for my path in life. I want a career but yet I want to put my family first and stay home with my children until they are grown. Confusing times....

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Katrina said...

I am still searching kinda. Though right now I am a SAHM, and I think this is what I am called to do... So as long as I am able, I will stick with being a mommy. =)

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