Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Online Tools to Make Your Own Outfits

There are so many great online tools available these days, you may already be using these free tools to print coupons, organize volunteers, and print recipes. Have you checked out the free online tools that allow you to make your own outfits? Not only can you make your own outfits, but sites like Wet Seal allow you to post your virtual outfits so users can browse through them, comment and exchange recommendations. In a way, it's like having your own fashion consultants!

Wet Seal – While Wet Seal's stores account for 80 percent of sales, the company’s online presence is growing in large part to the introduction of a Web feature called Outfitter, which allows users to put together their outfits online.

According to the New York Times Article, A Data Explosion Remakes Retailing, more than 300,000 user-generated outfits have been designed, generating millions of page views on Wet Seal.

Wet Seal has also created its own iPhone application, called iRunway. When in store, a customer can type an item’s ticket number and see how it has been used in outfits that other customers have created online.

Click here to enter the spring break outfit contest at Wet Seal. 1st place winner will receive a $500 gift card!

Polyvore- Polyvore is a fashion and social shopping platform that is revolutionizing how people all over the world are creating, experiencing and shopping for fashion on the Internet. Polyvore's virtual styling tool allows the user to mix and match products from any online store to create fashion collections called "sets".

Make your own outfits browsing by category, brand, price or website. You also have the option of importing your own items. It is as simple as drag and drop to create the look you want. Add text, photos, music and make-up to add the finishing touches to your display. Publish your outfit to get others opinions before spending your money. Purchase your items with just one click.

The Polyvore blog offers fashion advice, trend sightings and much more. Check it out here.

Shmotter- Shmotter is a fashion social network that allows you to design your own outfits from your own wardrobe or by a large selection of online retailers. Use the Top Outfits section to get ideas for your own outfits. Browse through the top brands and rate others' outfits. Click and purchase something you like in any outfit that has been created. Create your own looks with the drag and drop interface. Choose the main item you are looking for, such as a dress, top or jeans and then accessorize with jewelry, handbags, shoes, and so on. Save your favorites for later viewing by setting up an account. Shmotter makes it easy to mix and match items from different brand names and online stores. Like Polyvore, Shmotter has its own blog.

Shoppouri-At Shoppouri, users browse huge selections of top designer apparel for women and men at up to 50% off apparel, with clothing closeouts, and shoe discounts. Most items are available from, which is convenient for one-stop, discount shopping. Begin by choosing your favorite color to view Popular Fashions available on Amazon. Hover your mouse over the scrolling items to stop the scrolling and view items side-by-side.

Land's End My Virtual Model- Retail stores like Land's End have developed free online tools to make your own outfits on your own virtual model. Land's End was the first to offer this innovative shopping tool. Create a 3-D model of yourself by providing your measurements, which are applied to your virtual model.

Use your virtual model to "try on" items and outfits. Outfits can be stored and recalled for later reference. Once created, your model can also be used at other apparel Web sites in the My Virtual Model network and can be emailed to family and friends. Click here to see other companies that are part of the My Virtual Model Network.

These online tools are a convenient way to design, shop and interact with your own social fashion networks. Get creative by using these tools to make our own outfits. Express yourself!

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Night Owl Mama said...

WOW it's certainly amazing the things you can find online. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to enter that contest $500 would be a great win! Thanks

Marvelous Mommy said...

OMG I love Wet Seal! Entering to win now!! Found you through Content for Comments!!

Kristi Maloney said...

Yeah! $500 gift card from Wet Seal would be sweet!

Heather Silver said...

Thanks for the great information! I'll be entering their contest also, I love Wet Seal!

LoveMy2Dogs said...

I have never heard of Wet Seal but hey $500 is worth finding out what it's all about.

Visiting from NightOwlMama's Content for Comments.

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