Saturday, January 9, 2010

African Dwarf Frogs Mini EcoAquarium A Follow Up


If you read my original post about our African dwarf frogs, you may be wondering how they are doing and what they are up to in the New Year. Well, I am sorry to report, we did have one casualty, and Todd's tank-mate "Walt" met his untimely death back in late October of last year.

With Todd's energetic and independent nature, we decided to see how he would fare without a tank-mate. I am happy to report that Todd is doing fantastic. He is eating his four pellets a week and zipping all around the tank like he is on steroids.

Yes, I would still recommend the African Dwarf frog as a pet. They are low-cost, low-maintenance and entertaining!

Want to learn more about African Dwarf frogs? Check out Wild Creation's African Dwarf frog facts.

Wondering how to maintain your Eco Aquarium? Check out Wild Creation's How to Care for your mini-Ecotarium.


Anonymous said...

Hello I have bought three african dwarf frogs and one of them died already so I got 1 to replace it and I feel like something is wrong with one of his legs. He is trying to swim and seems to be having a hard time. Is this normal? He tries to float up but he comes back down right away; If you have any advice that you could give me that would be great.
Thank you

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