Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Help! It's the Build Your Own 3-D Gingerbread Structure Fund Raiser

This is the second year that my sons' school is holding the Build Your Own 3-D gingerbread Structure Fundraiser for the Rachel Lee Memorial Fund.

In September of 2007, Rachel, a student was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Although she fought hard, she lost her battle with Cancer on August 9th 2008. A memorial fund has been created to honor her love of art, sports and schools as well as give back to the community that supported and loved her so very much. To see what the fund has done please visit

It is a wonderful cause and we, as a family, are honored to participate for the second year. But truth be told, I am not very gifted or creative in this area. If you've read my post on Volunteering, you would know. Let's face it, I'm competing with Mrs. Robichaud! The A-R-T teacher! See her 3-d gingerbread structure above.
While some kids are plotting their Taj Mahal on their cad computer programs, we are toying with just making a church again. See our church below. Okay, you can stop laughing now! Really.

So, I am asking for your ideas. The base can be no longer than 12x12, but can be as high as we want. (Hmmmmmmm. This could be our angle!)
The outside must be made of all edible foods/candies. The structure itself can be from cardboard, tissue boxes, Styrofoam, wood etc....
Oh one more thing, this year we will be creating not one but two gingerbread structures. (I wonder if they have a category for "most uncreative" or simply, "worst".
Be the first to comment on what sort of easy-to-build structure that you think this creatively challenged family could feasibly make!


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