Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Latest Pet Trend - The Teacup Pig

"Ahhh, they grow up too fast, don't they?" I am thinking this is what the owners of the "teacup pig" are saying to each other after about a year of acquiring one (or two) of these petite pink pigs.

Truth be told, after a year, the teacup pig will grow to the size of an average dog, about 12-16" high, and weigh in at 65 lbs. Time to replace the teacup with a medium-sized crate!

According to the breeder on the Today Show, the teacup pigs do need a lot of attention and shouldn't be left home alone. As a matter of fact, she claims to only sell them to people who either buy two or already have a companion pig to keep the new pig company. So, I guess that means two medium-sized crates!

The tea-cup pig can be trained to use a cat liter. Remember the average sized house cat is only about 9 to 11 lbs. Also remember, you have two 65 lb. pigs now. But if you can afford a couple of teacup pigs at just over $1,000 dollars each, you can probably afford to have someone else clean the liter box. (I hope!)

How many times have you heard that pigs were "very clean animals?" Growing up, I had a friend who lived on a farm and her family raised pigs. I remember the stink of that pink pen enveloping the entire 100 acres of their farm. Pink? I thought all pigs were brown. Every time I saw them, these mammoth, gluttonous creatures were either eating or lying in the pen, covered from head to toe with a layer of mud with either their own or their mate's c-r-a-p mixed in. The word "clean" does not come to mind.

While these animals may not be my "cup of tea" (sorry had to do it). You can learn more about them by watching this Today Show video.


Anne - mommyhastowork said...

well, they are kinda cute....

visiting and following from twitter moms

Kristi Maloney said...

Hi Anne,

I hope you got a chuckle out of it...that' what I was going for! Thanks for following!

Jennifer said...

LOL, I suppose they don't stay tea cup sized for very long, huh? In which case, they should REALLY be called 'barrel' sized pigs. ;-)

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