Friday, September 25, 2009

Brush Your Teeth with the Philips Sonicare Xtreme e3000 Power Toothbrush

My hygienist warned me that I was brushing my teeth "too hard" and that my upper gums were starting to recede. Receding gums means a loss of gum tissue, which exposes the roots of the teeth (aka gingivial recession). When the gums erode away too much, it can lead to gum disease. Once the gums are gone, they-are-gone. She recommended switching to any type of Sonicare toothbrush. For brushing teeth, this type of toothbrush has "high velocity bristle movement" that results in direct contact with each tooth. According to the manufacturer the, "patented sonic technology delivers a unique dynamic cleaning action for superior plaque reduction."
While searching on, I discovered the Sonicare Xtreme e3000 Power Toothbrush. This battery operated Sonicare is $29.99. When comparing prices, this was at the lower end. Some Sonicare toothbrushes were closer to $200. After reading the reviews for the $29.99 Sonicare Xtreme e3000 (battery operated) Power Toothbrush, I made the purchase.

The Review- This little Sonicare has a lot of power. The toothbrush does all the work, no need for me to "brush" at all really. I have had it for nine months now and love it. It sure beats paying for a higher priced one that requires a recharging base. The batteries last for at least one month, when using twice a day. I like how portable it is- I took it with me on our trip to Maine and on our camping trips. It is small so it travels well.

I noticed many negative reviews regarding how it "short circuits when water gets inside of it." This has not happened to me, and I certainly don't take the best of care to avoid getting water on it. It's inevitable! It's a toothbrush! However, to avoid that happening, try rinsing off and then towel drying your Sonicare after use. This will keep the batteries from getting wet. Or, just lay the toothbrush down on a dry surface so that water does not drip into the battery compartment at the bottom.

After using the brush for about five months, my first trip back to see the hygienist for a cleaning went very well. According to her, my "gums look healthy" and there was much less time spent scrapping plaque-which was priceless! For the oral hygenie benefits at such a small investment, I will continue using the Sonicare to brush my teeth!


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