Tuesday, September 22, 2009

African Dwarf Frogs Mini-EcoAquarium

The Miniature EcoAquarium from Wild Creations website: Wild Creation's unique EcoAquariums provide all the benefits of a large aquarium environment in a small, easy to maintain aquarium. They are ideal for homes, offices, schools, and dormitories! Each EcoAquarium is a complete aquatic ecosystem environment that requires no additional chemicals, filters, or aeration. They only need water changed every five or six months using fresh, bottled spring water. Our "Living Gravel", which acts as the natural filtration system for the aquarium, does not need to be cleaned. Each aquarium includes at least one snail, which acts as the janitor to clean the algae and excess food so you don't have to!
The African Dwarf Frog from Wild Creations website: As the name suggests, these dwarf frogs are quite small, just around 1.5 inches in length. The females, as is often the case with frogs, can grow a bit larger, almost by half an inch. Native to Sub-Saharan Africa, the African Dwarf Frog (Hymenochiru) also goes by the name of Aquatic Dwarf Frog. And that’s because they live almost entirely underwater, though they are air breathers as well and do emerge from the water from time to time. The coolest thing about the African Dwarf is their weird floating habit when in the water called the “Zen position.” With arms and legs outstretched and one foot balancing, it’s as if these frogs are meditating on some sublime aspect of amphibious life. Or just reminiscing their previous life as a prince. Technically, this habit is called “burbling.” Whatever that means, Dwarf Frogs make for interesting addition to your amphibious pet collection at home. They spice up the variety of species one can put in any tank aquarium. As social creatures they can be tank mates to some marine animals.

The Review: My son received this 4" x 4" plastic EcoAquarium for his eighth birthday. He was thrilled! The frogs are active, especially when you move their tank (gently) and interesting to watch.
His last goldfish died the week before, so the timing was ummm...great. (It is so easy to overfeed goldfish!)
Along with his Dad, my son is allergic to cats and dogs. Getting a hypoallergenic dog is not an option, unfortunately, so "pets" like these little African dwarf frogs in their little EcoAquarium are ideal for our family.

Feeding is no problem. These little guys eat two little pellets, twice per week. No chance of overfeeding- just two pellets! Not only do they require very little food, they can live up to 10 days without feeding. So going away for a few days and leaving our new pet frogs "home alone" should be no problem.

The company recommends cleaning the tank water every five to six months, using natural spring water and a turkey baster or small scooping cup. Twice a year? We can handle that!

Get everything you need to get started with the Classic Water Garden Starter Kit. The package includes the Classic Water Garden, 2 Frogs, 1 Snail, Food and Care Pack, and choice of base for approximately $30. What a great gift idea for someone like my son who is allergic to cats and dogs! This would make a unique gift for any young boy (or girl for that matter). For more information or to order your EcoAquarium, visit http://www.wildcreations.com/.


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