Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Consumer Reports Buying Strategies for Appliances

Are you in the market for a new dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, or refrigerator? Before you buy, check out Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2009 to make an informed decision.

Consumer Reports magazine specializes in brand name comparisons of automobiles and household products. The magazine also gives informed and impartial advice on a wide variety of topics like health, nutrition, personal finance and travel. Consumer reports buys all of the products that it tests and accepts no free samples. They do not allow any company to use their information or ratings for commercial purposes.

In addition to their product ratings and reviews, Consumer Reports has other noteworthy buying strategies for household appliances:

1. Time your cooking appliance purchase for September or October, when retailers put the previous year's model on sale.
2. Time your refrigerator purchase around May for this same reason.
3. Check for sales after the winter holidays.
4. Look for rebates, coupons, and related discounts in the store and online.
5. Prior to making your purchase, sign up on a store's web site to receive e-mails with coupons, rebates, free shipping, and VIP sales with discounts on selected products.
6. Combine special offers from the store and manufacturer whenever possible.

Based on the Consumer Reports Best Buy, I purchased my LG Bottom Freezer, Energy Star rated refrigerator from Sears in June. I contacted my electric company to inquire about a rebate for Energy Star Rated appliances. They offered a $50 rebate on the new refrigerator, as well as rebates on other household appliances. I did not know this! I filled out the forms, attached my receipt and within two weeks I had a check for $50. For Energy Star Rated Appliances, look for manufacturer's rebates and make sure to inquire with your electric company for additional rebate savings! Find the best products with CR and save money in the process.

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Adventure Girl said...

great tips, we often forget about CR, i like that you added a personal experience in their too, a great testimonial. If we just take a few minutes, especially on larger purchases we get good rebates, etc. even smaller things like CVS or Walgreens online or bookstores, save $4, $5 or get a free $25 gift card.

Michael said...

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