Monday, May 24, 2010

Street Hockey Now and Then - Meetup Monday

Finally the beautiful New England weather is here! It was so nice to watch my son's street hockey game outside and enjoy a perfectly sunny day. This is the first year that my eight-year-old son James (#22)decided to try street hockey.

I remember playing street hockey in high school gym class and I loved it. I was pretty athletic way back then and dare-I-say a little aggressive! I remember constantly running after that ball with more intensity that a dog - banging into sticks and classmates along the way. My son James (although still young) is not quite as aggressive or intense, and as a matter of fact, he couldn't be more thrilled that he will play his last game on Wednesday. Here's the thing. The coaches do a lot of yelling and my sensitive guy is well.....sensitive, so the yelling was the deal breaker.

Here are some pics. of Saturday's game. His team (Saint Bernard's Saints) won 5-3. It was a great game.

Hello? 22? Where did that darn ball go? Notice the ball in mid-air and not one player appears to know where it is. Okay, I suppose those helmets do make it a little difficult to see the bright orange ball.


That poor goalie looked like he was dressed for a snowstorm and it was about eighty degrees. (I'll bet he is glad that Wednesday is the last game too.) Even Dad (Grant) helped out and did a little assistant coaching. A first!


Unfortunately, there was a little too much of this. Go get that ball 22!! (Opps...Sorry I yelled.)

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