Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Green Spots I-Dog Amp'd Winner(s)!

Congratulations to #81 Denise - the winner of the Green Spots I-Dog Amp'd. As a thank you to my readers, I am giving away four more I-dogs shown in the picture. I picked four more winners based on I only wish I could afford to pick more of you! You guys are the best!



I will be emailing you all shortly. Thanks for reading and subscribing to Moms Own Words!


Denise said...

Thanks Kristi!! I'm SO excited.....your contest is my first internet win, and only the first or second one I've ever entered!! The girls will be so excited because they just got Ipod nanos!!
It will be fun to give it to them!

Linda Kish said...

Thanks so much. These are so cute. I just emailed you. Linda

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