Sunday, January 17, 2010

This Poinsettia Will Live With the Help of


I received this poinsettia from my son's second grade teacher as a "thanks" for volunteering in the classroom. I have had it for about four weeks now and it is still alive! Which got me thinking, maybe I should do a quick Internet search and figure out just how to care for a poinsettia- and actually keep it alive! So far, indirect sunlight and watering about once a week has done the trick, but I'm afraid my luck will run out if I don't at least try to go about it the right way.

According to, poinsettias should be placed in a draft-free location with indirect sunlight. I moved the plant to the windowsill for the picture. If keeping my plant alive is the goal, (and it is) I can't leave it there- it's drafty and in direct sunlight. Watering should be done when the soil feels dry (and just to keep things interesting) over-watering can cause wiliting and irreversible root damage!

No problem. I am up for the "challenge" of caring for my poinsettia. With two or three more months of a New England winter looming, I am actually searching for some new, low maintenance house plants to brighten up this place. (Knowing that this poinsetta and a small bamboo plant are the lone survivors among many plants that once lived here, house plants everywhere are shaking in their roots!:)

Not to worry. (Sorry orchid!) Things will be different. (Rest-in-peace, peace lily.) I'm starting over, with free resources like's plant encyclopedia and gardening tips and guides, it will be just like I am turning over a new....... expanded green organ growing laterally from the stem of a twig or a plant. (See what I mean?)


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