Thursday, December 24, 2009

Online Help for Troubleshooting Electronic Christmas Gifts

The last thing you would expect to see on Christmas morning is tears, but what if that “shiny new” (reconditioned) game system just won’t work? It could happen, but don’t worry, there is help for troubleshooting electronic Christmas gifts.

Many manufacturers like Mac and Hewlett Packard will have some employees working on Christmas Day taking your troubleshooting calls. Keep in mind, these are merely skeleton crews and you could be waiting on the phone line for a loooong time.

Manufacturers Websites

If your reading this, you obviously have an Internet connection, and in fact online help for troubleshooting electronic Christmas gifts is your best bet to find answers fast.

Head right to the manufacturers website and you will find FAQs, troubleshooting guides, forums and expert advice from the manufacturer's experts and from people like you who have experienced the very same problem.

YouTube and eHow

YouTube isn’t just for watching videos of Charlie biting his brother’s finger! YouTube has a great section of How to Videos. As an example, I typed in, “how to fix wii” and an entire page of how to fix wii problems came up .eHow is another online site that provides online help with how to videos and articles.

Best Buy's Twelpforce

It might be a silly name, but the idea of offering tech advice in tweet form is going to help a lot of frustrated people. Best Buy has set up a Twitter Twelpforce. Your questions will be answered for all things electronics (in real time) by the Best Buy technology pros.

Merry Christmas and may all your electronics be trouble-free!


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