Friday, October 9, 2009

My Website and Moms Own Words Blog Re-Designed by

When it came to designing my own website, blog and button, I thought I could do it myself. The end result was a pretty boring, unprofessional looking website and blog. My friend suggested that I talk to Melanie at Mommydoodles and let her take over the design aspect of my website and blog. I hesitated for a bit, but I finally emailed Melanie at Mommydoodles to ask her to help me out, and I am so glad that I did!

Mommydoodles re-designed my website and this blog. She did a fantastic job on the transfer, the designs, the headers, the button and my signature.

She offers more great services too! She can help you with your logo designs, favicons, twitter graphics, wordpress headers, custom vinyl graphics, and all at an affordable price.

So I want to thank Mommydoodles and I want to urge you to check out her website/blog, drop her an email. and tell her what you need. You'll be amazed at what she can do for you!


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