Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Organize Your Kids Bath Toys with the Mesh Pockets Vinyl Shower Curtain

Tub Storage Solutions - Mesh Pockets Vinyl Shower Curtain
From Amazon's website: Mesh Pockets Vinyl Shower Curtain - White (NEW in original packaging) Stuff your stuff into these handy storage pockets in this innovative and practical Mesh Pockets vinyl shower curtain. The seven vinyl mesh pockets are generously sized and attached to the shower curtain; the pockets can be used to store toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning supplies or even toys! The standard size, 70-by-72 inch shower curtain features a translucent body made of heavy-duty vinyl and white mesh pockets; to clean, simply wipe with a soft sponge and mild soap and hang open to dry.

The Mesh Pockets vinyl shower curtain sells for $14.99 in upscale specialty chains and better department stores! One Shower Curtain (70 In. W x 72 In. L) Pocket measurements: 3 bottom pockets each (13 In. W x 12 In. L)2 middle pockets each (10 In. W x 10 In. L)2 top pockets each (7 In. W x 7 In.L) 100% Vinyl with 100% Nylon Mesh PocketsCare: Wipe down with soft sponge and mild soap solution, let hang freely and open to dry.

The Reveiw:

The Mesh Pockets Vinyl Shower Curtain With Pockets, sold by everydayhomeoutlet on Amazon.com is a great solution for storing my kids’ tub toys. While mesh bags are a storage option, I didn’t really like them, because I was the only one that would put the toys back in them. No to mention, they are bulky and don't ever seem to dry. I tried a plastic bin. The tub toys were piled in a bin that sat on the bottom of the tub in everyone’s way. While they were contained, I didn’t find this to be an ideal storage solution. The boys and I had a meeting in which we determined which toys would stay, and which would go. I took the toys that were keepers and put them in the lower pockets of the shower curtain where my youngest could reach them easily. The routine of putting the toys back in their pockets is a way of getting organized that he is happy to help with! No more looking at or stepping on tub toy clutter! The toys aren’t visible, because this curtain acts as the liner and it is hidden by a decorative outer curtain. The pockets can be used to store anything like shampoos, razors, and soaps, not just tub toys! It has been a few months since I put up the mesh pockets vinyl shower curtain and it is definately durable, well made and holding its end of the bargain by holding all those tub toys!

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